50 Things to do With Your Sweety


1. Play cards.

2. Use YouTube to teach yourselves something new!
3. Visit an antique store.
4. Work on a home project together.
5. Plan your Ultimate Vacation together.
6. Look at houses you would buy and dream of your future home.
7. Go hunt down yard sales.
8. Make homemade ice cream and come up with your own twist on a favorite.
9. Shop for all the ingredients and bake a pizza together.
10. Write a list of things you dream of doing in the future together.
11. Play an old favorite board game.
12. Have a picnic.
13. Go to a concert or music event.
14. Take goofy pictures together.
15. Visit a tourist attraction in your city and go sightseeing.
16. Take a drive.
17. Pick and visit a hole in the wall restaurant that you have been to before.
18. Play a Pictionary or charades.
19. Bake something together. Take it to another level by dropping off the baked goods at a friends house to surprise them!
20. Go to a local event or festival.
21. Walk around your favorite store and go window shopping.
22. Visit the local animal shelter and pet animals.
23. Rearrange the furniture in the living room.
24. Visit the local art museum.
25. Check out the local farmers market.
26. Visit the zoo.
27. Make cards or a gift for someone’s birthday or Christmas.
28. Go through the family photo albums and remanence.
29. Go watch the sun set somewhere lovely.
30. Get a friend to do a photo shoot! You know you need some new portraits.
31. Work on your own hobbies, but in the same place at the same time.
32.  Discover a new hobby together.
33. Go to a coffee shop and catch up on life. Sometimes it’s nice to just talk.
34. Hang out at the library and read some books, or pick up some to take home.
35. Play an interactive video game – like Wii Sports or Kinect. If you don’t have a system, borrow one!
36. Plan your next vacation together – some say the planning is more fun than actually going.
37. Take a hike (literally).
38. Pop some tags at the thrift shop. See who can find the coolest item, or pick out clothes for each other! ( we love our GoodWill )
39. Have a water gun fight.
40. See a local sports event – even if it’s a school sport.
41. Make homemade Christmas Cards for your family.
42. Check out the local wildlife.
43. Have a cuddle day. Find a TV Series marathon or a mini-series and just relax. (sometimes after a long week this is just the right thing.)
44. Ride bikes. (Borrow them if you don’t have any.)
45. Volunteer for a service project together.
46. Try a new restaurant or explore a new place you haven’t visited nearby.
47. Take a road trip to visit friends.
48. Take dance lessons.
49. Invent new cocktails.
50. Write poetry for each other.

Check out Jen’s Original List at What you make It


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